Live Edge Benches, Cutting Boards, Serving Pieces

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What is Live Edge Wood?

Sometimes called Waney Edge or Natural Wood, is when the wood cut from the tree still has one or both edges untrimmed. The bark may or may not still be attached. This yields a plank of wood with a very complete view of the growth patterns of the tree. The ultimate in Organic presentation. We here at Vermont Live Edge are involved in all aspects of selecting and preparation of live edge tables and benches, as well as live edge cutting boards and serving pieces and many other interesting items.  

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Below is a small grouping of just some of the items, particularly benches and tables, that we produce at our Wilmington, Vermont factory store.


Back in the day almost everything that was created from wood that was crafted from the best heart of the tree, knot free, perfect wood. And even today many businesses unfortunately employ this practice. But at Vermont Live Edge Natural Wood Designs we utilize processes that use as much of the wood as possible. Very little goes to waste! In the case of Live Edge Benches, Tables, Cutting Boards and our popular Serving Pieces, we are creating products where imperfections become a striking feature. Natural occurring splits or cracks in the wood, as seen in our Live Edge Benches, are secured by traditional "butterflies" and the Waney Edge bark is left on rather then cut away. The end result are products that utilize more of the tree with minimal discard.